Lifestyle and Culture

So, you want to act in L.A.? (Los Angeles Times)

Ones for the history books (Los Angeles Times)

Open season on ‘private’ beaches (Los Angeles Times)

SAT prep courses? Save your money (USA Today)

Side Hustle (Jane)

To Hug or Not to Hug (East West Magazine) [Featured on NPR. Click here for audio link.]

The Yogurt Heard Round the World (East West Magazine)

My So-Called Social Life: How to date when mom and dad are your roommates (East West Magazine)

You Be Ashton, I’ll Be Demi: When you’re the older woman (East West Woman)

Location, Location, Location: Great Dates (East West Magazine)

Sonya Thomas, Competitive Eater (East West Woman)

The Innovative Toby Dawson (East West Magazine)

The Art of the Deal: Learning to haggle, negotiate, and bargain your way through an Asian Market  (East West Magazine)

Living Well with Chronic Illness (East West Magazine)

Hepatitis B in Asian America (East West Woman)

Work Hard and Prosper? Immigrants, their children and financial planning (East West Magazine)

San Gabriel Valley Schools Ahead of the Game (




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