Jennifer Kim is a TV/feature writer, journalist, personal essayist, former media producer, and still recovering HS teacher. Her work has been featured in USA TODAY, NPR, KCET (PBS), KCRW, LOS ANGELES TIMES, EAST WEST, KOREAM JOURNAL, and other outlets. With her TV/film writing, she is a 2022 ISA Sci-Fi & Fantasy Grand Prize Winner, 2021 ViacomCBS Writers Mentoring Program finalist, 2022 Hillman Grad Mentorship Lab semifinalist, 2021 ISA Fast Track Comedy Genre winner, and a Hopwood Award winner for drama.

A daughter of disco-loving immigrants from North and South Korea, Jennifer grew up in rural Appalachia, where she and her sister were the only Asians in a hillbilly school. Good times!

She is repped by Industry Entertainment.

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